Online Equalization course

The Online freediving equalization course is designed to learn and improve equalization techniques. Sessions are conducted one by one and the target is to improve air management. The benefits will come through awareness of the equalization technique and will bring you to a high level of confidence and knowledge that will lead you to relaxed and conscious diving.

The courses will be given by Sergio, apnea instructor and expert in deep equalization.

    • How to move the air.
    • How to use the tongue locks.
    • How to improve the knowledge of equalization.
      • 3 theory sessions
      • 1 dry exercises
        • Theory 200 €
      • DAY 1: We start by talking about the structure of the equalisation and its functions (glottis, soft palate and Eustachian tubes).
        • DAY 2:
        Theory of tongue and lip “blocks”.
        • DAY 3:
        Exercises and practice.
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