Course from 0 to hero

Are you fascinated by the world of freediving and wish to learn the techniques, endurance, and safety required to become a true champion? We are here to help you achieve your goals! Choosing our “0 to Hero” freediving course means gaining access to a structured learning experience, taught by experienced instructors with a strong emphasis on safety and gradual progression.

Why choose our “0 to Hero” freediving course:

Experienced instructors: Our instructors are professional freedivers with years of experience teaching freediving at all levels. You will be guided by experts who know all the facets of freediving and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.

Progressive teaching methodology: Our course is structured progressively, allowing you to acquire the skills and confidence needed step by step. We will start with the fundamental basics of freediving and gradually progress towards advanced techniques, ensuring you have a solid foundation before tackling more challenging tasks.

Safety as a priority: Safety is our top priority. During the course, you will learn essential safety procedures, including risk management, vital sign monitoring, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques. You will be in good hands as you delve into the depths of freediving.

Personalized support: We understand that each student is unique, with individual goals and challenges. We offer personalized support to ensure you have an optimal learning experience. Our instructors will be available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and support you along your journey.

What you will learn in the “0 to Hero” course:

Freediving fundamentals: We will start with the basics, teaching you proper breathing techniques, breath-hold management, and maximizing lung capacity. You will learn how to efficiently manage your breath and achieve increasingly longer breath-hold times.

Technique and style: We will delve into diving techniques, including controlled descent and ascent, ear equalization, and maintaining an optimal hydrodynamic position. You will improve your efficiency in the water and your speed in freediving.

Safety and group management: We will dedicate special attention to safety and group management during the course. You will learn the correct procedures to ensure your safety and that of your fellow coursemates during freediving sessions. Additionally, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to identify and handle any emergency situations promptly and effectively

Course Duration:

12 weeks (3 months)


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Ability to swim more than 400m without equipment.
  • Meet the requirements of each level.
  • For the Instructor course: a valid first aid certificate is mandatory.
  • Medical certificate issued within the past two years stating no medical contraindications for freediving.
  • From Level 2 onwards, you must have your own freediving insurance.


Entrance to the Sports Center (pool usage), digital manual, freediving equipment, insurance, equalization course. The certification will be valid upon successfully meeting the requirements at the end of the course.

Price: €2.250