Freediving School in Canary Island

Freediving Center in Canary Island

The Freediving Center of Lanzarote is a center that offers all lovers of the sea an unforgettable experience. The Freediving School of Lanzarote offers professionalism, experience and a family atmosphere. In our freediving centre we offer freediving courses of all levels and the best teaching methods in the world. The island of Lanzarote also offers one of the best climates with average temperatures of 20° throughout the year and a water temperature between 17° in winter and 24° in summer.

Sergio Soria, freediving instructor and manager of the center, a person who can boast in his curriculum to have been at a depth of -108m in No Limits and to have participated, organized and guaranteed safety in many national and international competitions in recent years. Instructor since 2010 with the Apnea Academy and master in equalisation technique will certainly help to improve your depths and well-being in the water.

Many freedivers now refer to his teachings and his philosophy of living the sea and sharing these wonderful feelings.

Freediving courses in Lanzarote

If you are interested in our freediving courses click on the  link freediving corses or contact us by email and we will give you more informations about the dates and duration of the courses.

Freediving Training in Lanzarote

First of all, you must have a first level of apnea, have a medical certificate (which says you are fit for freediving) and an insurance (which you can do with our school) to be able to train.

These are the minimum requirements for freediving in Spain and many other countries around the world. 

With us you can practice freediving with cables from -20m to -110m all reachable from the coast by swimming with an average visibility of 25m. Up to a depth of -50m we do not use any counterweight system, after this depth is mandatory to use greater safety for the athlete and the center.

 Go to the Freediving  Training session for information and costs.

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