Freediving Training

We of course dive with a safety rope. The content of the training is buddying up with me (or a freediving instructor) to ensure safety.
We practice emerging/ submerging, fin movement, equalization techniques, posture, ascending, dive time optimization and much more. The aim is to increase relaxation and continuously reduce effort and save oxygen based on the diver’s limitations. In this way, if wanted, we also can work on shifting one’s personal best.
Upon request I also offer training and buddying for static and dynamic diving in a pool.


Freediving training sessions are only for certified freedivers not for complete beginners, with medical certificate and freediving insurance valid. If you want to go freediving but are not certified look at our Freediving Courses.

DURATION: 1 ½ – 2 hours


  • 45€ Per Person ≤ 50m
  • Training Package 10 training 420€  ≤ 50m
  • 60€ Per Person ≥ 51m with counterbalance, boat, oxygen .
  • Training Package 10 training 570€ ≥ 51m


  • Buoys, ropes and weights
  • Freediving instructor and training coach
  • Center Facility
  • Counter ballast system ≥ 51m
  • Material NOT INCLUDED, Rental equipment available.

Private Training and Coaching

We regularly run open water training sessions, coached pool sessions and coached open water sessions to help improve your freediving. However, we are also very flexible in our approach to work with you to achieve your aquatic goals – whether that be to be more comfortable snorkeling, or to compete at the highest levels of competitive freediving. So get in touch to find out how we can provide a personalized training program to help you meet your goals.
The first session has to be together with an instructor in order to check your knowledge and skills in terms of safety. All sessions will be according to an already scheduled open water session.


  • 80€/person/session