Monofin Course – AA & Aida

The Monofin Specialty Course is designed to introduce the student to freediving with a monofin using correct, safe and efficient technique. Upon completion of this course, the student will possess basic skills and sufficient experience to effectively dive with a monofin, along with advanced training techniques to develop proper form.
The Monofin Specialty Course runs for 2 days ½ and is divided into 1 academic session, 1 pool session, and 2 deep water aquatic sessions. This includes Dynamic Apnea where the student will learn to swim underwater horizontally in a pool-like environment.
During our deep diving water sessions you will learn how to relax into the flow of the movement while harnessing the strength, speed and efficiency of the monofin. Our Monofin instructor will be diving by your side and give you precious feedback to quickly improve your technique.


  • 2 Theory sessions
  • 2 Stretching sessions
  • 2 Pool sessions
  • 3 Open Water sessions


  • Have an adequate profile according to the Instructor’s judgment.
  • Be able to perform all the pool exercises satisfactorily.
  • Be able to perform a dynamic apnea distance of at least 75 m.
  • Be able to swim with monofin and frontal snorkel on surface for 200m.
  • In addition to obtain the final Advanced Monofin Freediver certificate the candidate should be able to perform correctly CWT diving with monofin of at least 20m.

DURATION: 2 days 1/2


300€ Monofin NOT INCLUDED, Freediving material NOT INCLUDED


  • Minimum 14 years of age at time of enrolment with parental consent.
  • Must have a medical certificate issued by a sports doctor that confirms a suitable state of health for sport practices.
  • Have a certification AA of at least 1st level or equivalent for the Basic certification and 2nd Level for the Advanced certification.

Lessons in dry conditions of stretching and physical preparation suggested are the ones suggested in the AAI specialty manual and in Swim like a Dolphin manual and are 6 for a total of hours between 6 and 12.

In these lessons will be include:

  • Basic and advanced stretching exercises,
  • Exercises on conjunctions mobility, and strengthening of the lombars, abdominal areas and specific zones.

Number of total hours of exercise in a pool should not be less than 10 hours.

Exercices will have to be conducted in a satisfactory way and are the ones included in the AAI specialty manual and in Swim like a Dolphin manual, in particular:

  • Exercices without fins;
  • Exercices with short fins;
  • Exercices with monofin.