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Who we are

A pool of instructor with a long-work experience melting together passion for the Ocean and love for freediving, apnea and swimming.
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What we do

Our idea is to offer all people an unforgettable experience with professionality and security. The world of Apnea is very wide: with us you can do deep freediving, underwater photo, spearfishing  and freediving to share feelings and emotions that only the underwater world can give you.


Freediving Courses

Ocean Freediving Lanzarote offers freediving courses & training. Our programs will help you set and achieve your goals and explore your potential. Our approach is completely tailored to your needs and with your possibilities

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Freediving Training

We of course dive with a safety rope. The content of the training is buddying up with me (or a freediving instructor) to ensure safety.
We practice emerging/ submerging, fin movement, equalization techniques, posture, ascending, dive time optimization and much more. The aim is to increase relaxation and continuously reduce effort and save oxygen based on the diver’s limitations. In this way, if wanted, we also can work on shifting one’s personal best.
Upon request I also offer training and buddying for static and dynamic diving in a pool.

Visit at Underwater Museum

The Museo Atlántico is an artificial reef made up of pH neutral cement sculptures. Located in Playa Blanca (in the Bahía de Las Coloradas) between -12 meters and -15 meters it has been designed to “Jason de Caires Taylor” to encourage endemic marine life to flourish in the area. “
To enroll for this Trip you must be at least 16 years old and have a Freediving certification and be able to to comfortably dive -16 meters.

Surf Survival Course​

We offer the Survival Apnea course, which has been specially designed by leading big wave surfers and freedivers. It is a one-day course, which will give the student a deeper understanding of what the human body and mind go through when underwater on a single breath. In addition, you will be exposed to simple and effective exercises and training methods that, over time, will deliver physical and mental adaptations, helping you to overcome “Intense Situations” with more ease.

Wreck - Lava Tubes – Snorkeling

To enroll for this Trip you must be at least 16 years old and have a Freediving certification and be able to to comfortably dive -16 meters. You must possess valid freediving insurance covering the duration of your stay with us. Alternatively, insurance can be purchased through “Ocean Freediving Lanzarote “


Online Equalisation courses

Having trouble with equalisation?

Not reaching the depth you would like?

Learn the equalisation techniques and movements with dry exercises.

The courses will be taught by Sergio Soria, freediving instructor and expert in deep equalisation.

Our online courses

Before booking your course, you can do a free check and talk to the instructor to choose the course that best suits your needs.

We offer courses at all levels from beginner to advanced.

Freediving Monofin

The Monofin Specialty Course is designed to introduce the student to freediving with a monofin using correct, safe and efficient technique.

Monofin Basic Course

Upon completion of this course, the student will possess basic skills and sufficient experience to effectively dive with a monofin, along with advanced training techniques to develop proper form.

Monofin Advance Course

Exercises in open water (or deep pool of at least -20 m) are obligatory only to receive the Advanced Monofin Freediver certificate.


Instructor Facilities

Each year more and more instructors come to our centre to run their courses and freediving activities.
From Ocean Freediving Lanzarote we understand that it is difficult in some countries to find areas with good conditions for deep trainings. For these reasons we offer our facilities with all the necessary equipment to run courses and give to student all necessary material.

Freediving Equipment rental

For those activities that do not include equipment, it can be rented in our centre.

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