Freediving Events 2024

The year 2024 kicks off with exciting underwater exploration opportunities at Ocean Freediving Lanzarote. With advanced courses, depth competitions, and safety workshops, the center offers a schedule filled with unique experiences. In this article, we’ll unveil the 2024 program, from […]

Lanzarote Freediving Championship 2023

Hello, freediving enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Lanzarote Freediving Championship, an exciting event that combines the thrill of underwater sports with the beauty and adventure of this stunning island. Lanzarote, located in the Canary Islands, is a […]

What is O to Hero

The term “0 to Hero” in the context of freediving refers to a comprehensive training path that takes a beginner or inexperienced diver to become an experienced freediver or even a freediving instructor. The “0 to Hero” path typically includes […]

Freediving School in Canary Island

Contact Inscription Book Freediving Center in Canary Island The Freediving Center of Lanzarote is a center that offers all lovers of the sea an unforgettable experience. The Freediving School of Lanzarote offers professionalism, experience and a family atmosphere. In our […]

Freediving Equalization Technique

In fact, many people believe that we do not have many equalisation techniques. In recent years, and as more and more freedivers and new high-level athletes have been practicing, we have had an increase in depth and consequently in knowledge […]

From Frenzel to Mouthfill

Now let’s try to make this very important passage of equalization technique. First of all, let’s start by saying that both techniques need pressure, so basically we have to close the nostrils in order to create pressure in the nasal cavity and consequently […]

How to remove Valsalva manoeuvre

Which are the exercises to eliminate “Valsala Maneuver“ Let’s start, Valsalva is a compensatory pressure technique, you have to close the nostril with your fingers and then create a pressure inside the nasal cavity in order to open the Eustachian […]

Anatomy of equalization

Well in this article I will talk about the Anatomy of equalisation and therefore of the Glottis and Soft Palate and how we use them when we equalise.Let’s start by saying that, the Glottis is the empty space between the […]