Monofin Advance Course -AA & Aida

Exercises in open water (or deep pool of at least -20 m) are obligatory only to receive the Advanced Monofin Freediver certificate, should not be less than 3 sessions and are the ones included in the AAI specialty manual and in Swim like a Dolphin manual, in particular

  • Duck-dives, descent (allinement, free-fall), U-turn and ascent in CWT;
  • DYN in open waters;
  • Safety assistance;


  • 3 Theory Sessions
  • 2 Stretching Sessions
  • 3 Pool sessions
  • 4 Open water sessions


  • Advanced stretching exercises
  • Exercises on conjunctions mobility, and strengthening of the lombars, abdominal areas and specific zones
  • Have an adequate profile according to the Instructor’s judgment
  • Be able to perform all the pool exercises satisfactorily
  • Be able to perform a dynamic apnea distance of at least 75 m
  • Be able to swim with monofin and frontal snorkel on surface for 200m
  • In addition to obtain the final Advanced Monofin Freediver certificate the candidate should be able to perform correctly CWT diving with monofin of at least 20m

DURATION: 3 days 1/2


400€ Monofin NOT INCLUDED, Material NOT INCLUDED, Rental equipment available


  • Minimum 14 years of age at time of enrolment with parental consent.
  • Must have a medical certificate issued by a sports doctor that confirms a suitable state of health for sport practices.
  • Have a certification of at least 1st level or equivalent for the Basic certification and 2nd Level for the Advanced certification.